Our Mission

We are a Member-driven cooperative that provides patent risk mitigation services to some of the world’s most innovative and recognized technology companies.  Our unique non-profit model means that Members come first every day. We are singularly focused on helping global companies analyze patent purchase opportunities and complete defensive patent acquisitions in a fully transparent, efficient and cost-effective way.


We act with integrity, trust, respect and transparency in the work that we do, the people we interact with and the decisions we make. We own up to and learn from our mistakes. We are professional to one another and to those we serve.


We strive to continually learn, improve, adapt, evolve and innovate in our products, services, communications ourselves and our relationships with a positive open-mind and can-do attitude. We listen, are open to fresh perspectives and value disagreement.


Each person is empowered to take responsibility for their own job and goals and be a positive contributor to the services, goals, communications and team dynamics. We have a shared responsibility and accountability to speak up and take initiative to maintain our team’s strong foundation and also be a positive agent of change.


We want all Members to have meaningful and positive interactions with AST. We strive to understand and anticipate our Members’ needs and provide personal and thoughtful service.


We value a holistic and balanced work environment. We strive for excellence and also take time for fun and celebration. We encourage individual team behaviors that support a healthy and productive lifestyle.

AST Through the Years

“We began as an experiment by a handful of our nation’s biggest tech leaders who sought a more effective way to combat unwanted patent assertions and litigation. Nothing like this had ever been done before. The result was AST, a thoroughly groundbreaking Member-driven cooperative where representatives from various industries could work together to mitigate risk and promote a better functioning IP marketplace. Today our mission is more significant than ever, and AST now includes Member companies from across multiple industries including information technology, software, semiconductors, communications, automotive, health tech, and social media. Please take a look below at how we have grown into one of the industry’s most unique and innovative providers of patent risk mitigation solutions.”

Russell Binns
Chief Executive Officer, AST



AST’s Membership reaches 40 by adding ASSA ABLOY; in addition to a leading medical equipment company; a cloud-based proprietary instant messaging platform; and a cloud-based software company.

AST conducts the most successful IP3 to date – this year’s program solicited patents from a wider group of technology areas than previous years.

AST reaches industry milestone with more than 10,000 portfolios reviewed and published.



AST adds Spotify and an American online news and social networking service as new Members.  AST membership has been than 30 active Members.

Russ Binns named to “IAM’s Top 40 Elite IP Market Makers” for third consecutive year


AST celebrates its 10th Anniversary with its current Membership representing top global companies from a wide-range of industries including Avaya, Ford, Google, Honda, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Philips, and Sony

AST launches IP3 2017 targeting specific industries for the first time.

AST hires former Yahoo! IP executive Ray Strimaitis as vice president, corporate development and global strategy.

AST expands its Membership to include a multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate and a leading e-commerce website.

Russ Binns named to  “IAM’s Top 40 Elite IP Market Makers”


IP3 – Industry Patent Purchase Program is launched in May with 21 of the world’s largest companies READ MORE >

Membership reaches 33 Members



Russell W. Binns appointed CEO of the Trust in July 2014

AST’s Membership expands to include two major auto companies, Ford and Honda (2015), boosting Membership to 29 with an additional tech company

2012 - 2013

MIPS Technologies agrees to sale of patent properties to AST in 2012 for $350M

Membership expands to the LED sector along with Microsoft, Sony and other large companies, increasing Membership to 27


AST adds first social media Member in addition to two other Members exceeding 20 Members in total



fAST IP, AST’ s web-enabled, Members-only tool to access, analyze and search our patent database, goes live – June 14

AST adds three other prominent Members, including another major cable company, increasing Membership to 19



AST’s Membership expands to the cable/communications content industry in addition to adding other large technology companies


AST adds five new Members including IBM, Google, Avaya and Philips, marking its first health tech company to join the organization

Daniel P. McCurdy appointed CEO of the Trust in August

Plans begin to develop for a proprietary, automated system to allow Members to readily evaluate patents on the open market and facilitate patent transactions, which becomes fAST IP nearly two years later


On January 1, 2007,  Allied Security Trust established as a Delaware Statutory Trust and the Trust Agreement is finalized 

Hewlett Packard, Kodak, Motorola and Sun Microsystems become the Founding Members of AST

Brian Hinman appointed CEO of the Trust in March

2005 - 2006

Several major US companies come together to begin discussions about addressing the need for new risk mitigation solutions to combat patent assertion entities following Commerce One sale



Commerce One’s patent portfolio sale is completed in 2004, sending a clear signal to the market of the growing threat of NPEs to the patent industry

NPE and operating company patent litigations begin to rise